You never played a single pokemon game or read a harry potter book. how the fuck did I see any potential in you ever. After four years you’d think those things would all be huge red flags.

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I barely remember what your voice sounds like. 

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I’m surrounded by so many emotions and it feels like they’re all competing for a chance to take hold of me. Things are going so well for me right now, and I don’t think I’m fully experiencing these moments as I should. Someone has come into my life that I know I am not good enough for. I’m very worried about them finding out more about me and realizing that I’m not worth it. So many factors pointing towards unhappiness, and yet here Iie in bed content, I feel what I think is a muted form of happiness. Very weird. Unhealthy I’m sure. I need to sleep.

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Kill Bill pickup truck (by Mad physicist)